MAY 13-14,2020 | HOUSTON



The International Pipeline Risk Management Forum is the first of its kind to address this important, timely, and sometimes controversial subject specifically for the pipeline industry. The objective is to advance the state-of-the-art of risk assessment (RA) and risk management (RM) by convening a forum for idea- and technology-exchange.


The focus is specific to pipelines and closely associated facilities, specifically:

  • Pipelines – gathering, transmission, distribution, onshore/offshore
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump stations
  • Tank farms
  • Loading facilities
  • Underground storage

Content and contributions sought

The organizers seek presentations* that will address risk-related issues for these facilities, in particular:

  • RA/RM for regulatory compliance
    • IMP
    • Environmental assessments
    • Permitting/siting
  • RA/RM in business strategy
    • Asset development
    • New construction
    • Acquisitions due diligence
    • Asset retirement
    • Corporate risk appetite
    • Insurance
  • RA/RM for sound asset management
    • Inspection frequencies
    • Planned preventive maintenance
    • Administrative support of RA/RM programs
    • Competency
  • Special issues
    • RA methods/tools
    • Data issues in support of RA
    • Emerging methods, tools, technology
    • Risk-appetite thresholds: acceptable risk, tolerable risk, ‘safe enough’, reliability targets
    • Cost/benefit of risk-reduction measures
    • Monetization of risk