Check out our new technology for remote course delivery

Clarion’s Houston training facility uses the latest Internet-based meeting technology from Zoom Video Communications, so you can now attend our live courses from your home or office. What you get during remote sessions – You will be able to see a real-time view of the classroom where the instructor interacts with you and the students who are attending in-person. You will also get a shared view (on your screen or monitor) of what the instructor is projecting in the classroom. This shared screen will include things like slide presentations, Excel spreadsheets and videos. During the course, you will also have audio of both the instructor and the room; this way you will be able to ask and answer questions just like as those participating in-person. And, if your camera is turned on, everyone in the room can see you, just as you can see them. So, it’s a fully interactive experience.

Here’s how it looks:

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