Introduction to Excavation Inspection & Applied NDE for Pipeline Integrity Assessment

The course is designed around the critical step of “Excavation Inspection and Documentation,” which has recently been termed the 3rd step in Direct Assessment. The focus will be on the validation and correlation of both ILI results and/or Direct Assessment techniques through non- destructive testing in the excavation. Participants will have a solid understanding of the minimum requirements to ensure maximum correlation with ILI and Direct assessment results during an excavation program.

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Upcoming Dates

No future dates scheduled at this time.



Past Dates
Houston: February 18-19
Houston: February 27-28
Houston: February 8-9, 2016
Houston: February 9-10, 2015
Houston: February 10-11, 2014
Houston: February 11-12, 2013
Houston: February 6-7, 2012
Houston: February 14-15, 2011
Houston: February 15-16, 2010
Houston: August 27-28, 2009