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Weibull Users Conference
March 8-9, 2007

The Weibull User’s Conference will provide an opportunity for Weibull Analysis practitioners to interact with leading experts and their colleagues, share new techniques, and learn about latest advances and applications.

Conference participants can purchase the new software and or the Handbook at a special discount of 25% off the retail price – an offer exclusively available to 2007 User Conference participants. Click here for all discounts, including upgrade discounts.

Interactive Hands-on Session

A major feature of the 2007 Weibull Users Conference will be the debut of the new 5.0 release of SuperSMITH™ software. This software is compatible with all of the recommendations in Dr. Bob Abernethy’s recently released global standard, The New Weibull Handbook, 5th Edition. In this interactive session, conference participants will form workgroups to exercise the capabilities and features of the new software. Special case study problems have been prepared to illustrate these features.

Who should attend?

People with at least some knowledge of Weibull techniques are invited to attend. We recommend that all participants have at least a working familiarity with the Weibull plot. There are some easy ways to get familiar quickly before the conference if needed. Please contact Wes Fulton or Dr. Bob Abernethy through Clarion Technical Conferences noted herein for more information on rapid ramp-up techniques.

We welcome Reliability Engineers, Safety Personnel, Maintenance Supervisors, Reliability-Centered-Maintenance Technicians, Test Engineers and Test Technicians, Designers, Stress Analysts, Quality Managers, Value Engineers, Life Cycle Cost Planners, Warranty Officers, and anyone involved in Preventive Maintenance.

Benefits of attending the conference

  • Get updated on the latest technology
  • Share the experience of industry experts
  • Participate in an open exchange of new ideas for continuous improvement of methods and tools
  • Get hands-on experience with the latest Weibull software
  • Network with teams led by expert panel representatives for solution of challenge problems

Conference Program

Thursday, March 8
7:30a Registration, coffee
8:00 Welcome and Introduction

The New Weibull Handbook, 5th Edition: What’s new? (Click here for details)
Dr. Robert Abernethy, Consultant, North Palm Beach, FL
Wes Fulton, President, Fulton Findings™, Torrance, CA

Precursor analysis and its limitations, Ann Azevedo, Chief Scientist & Technical Advisor, Safety Analysis, Federal Aviation Administration
9:45 Coffee
10:15 Comparison of methods for interval data using Monte Carlo simulations, Todd Marquart, Senior Reliability Engineer, Micron Technology
11:00 SuperSMITH™ Version 5.0: What’s new? - continued
Wes Fulton
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Introduction and grouping, Wes Fulton
1:55 Workgroups, exercises
3:15 Coffee
3:30 Workgroup presentations
4:30 Panel review of Group Presentations & Gosset Medal Award
5:00 Cocktail reception
Friday, March 9
8:00a Day 2 Introduction, discussion and resolution of issues from Day 1
8:15 Automotive Warranty Analysis & Forecasting,
David Cunningham, Warranty Analyst, Honda
9:00 How good is the fit? P-Value estimates can guide you,
Carl Tarum, Senior Statistical Engineer, Delphi
9:45 Coffee
10:15 (1) Corrosion problems quantified with Gumbel Lower Distributions;
(2) Life Cycle Cost and Weibull Distributions go together like “PB&J,”

Paul Barringer, President, Barringer & Associates
12:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45 Integrating reliability engineering into Design for Six Sigma, Bob Rock, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Master Black Belt, PACCAR
2:00 New directions for the future of Weibull Engineering, Wes Fulton
2:30 Group discussion with panel of experts, question & answer, Conference summary, suggestions, future planning & wrap-up
3:00 Adjourn


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