Corona, Kyriakides

Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines, Volume 1: Bucking and Collapse



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Key Features

  • Written by one of the most eminent researchers in this field

  • Capacity and limit states for tubular structures

  • Geometric and mechanical property characteristics of tubular structures

  • Design recommendations aimed at the practicing professional

As exploration and production of oil and gas move to deeper waters, a precise understanding of the mechanical behavior of tubular structures becomes increasingly important. The increasing external pressure combined with the hostility of the environment, place stringent demands on the design, installation and operation of pipelines, flowlines, risers and casing. The first book in a three book series, Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines, Volume One: Buckling and Collapse provides an in-depth understanding of the major limit states that affect these structures, ranging from collapse under external pressure to burst under internal pressure, as well as how these factors can affect the manufacture of the pipes, their installation, and their long-term operation on the sea floor. The book includes and introduction to offshore facilities and pipeline installation methods used to motivate the limit states considered. A chapter on pipe and tube manufacturing processes outlines the geometric and mechanical property characteristics of tubulars used in this industry. The next nine chapters analyze several of the limit states encountered, including local buckling and collapse caused by pressure, bending, tension, compression and combinations of these.

Contents: Introduction; Offshore facilities and pipeline installation methods; Pipe and tube manufacturing processes; Buckling and collapse under external pressure; Collapse of UOE pipe under external pressure; Collapse of dented pipes under external pressure; Buckling and collapse under combined external pressure and tension; Inelastic response, buckling and collapse under pure binding; Buckling and collapse under combined bending and external pressure; Inelastic response under combined bend and tension; Plastic buckling and collapse under axial compression; Combined internal pressure and axial compression; Elements of plasticity theory.

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Corona, Kyriakides

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Austin, Indiana, Notre Dame, Stelios Kyriakides is a professor of mechanical engineering at the Research Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials, Texas, The University of Texas at Austin, USA., USA. Edmundo Corona is professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame

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