Tom Miesner and William Leffler

Oil & Gas Pipelines In Nontechnical Language



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This text explains the hows and whys of the pipeline industry. It was written for those not directly involved in pipeline operations — legal, supply, accounting, finance, and human resource specialists, and people who service and sell equipment to pipeline companies. But even engineers and expert pipeliners can gain insights from the book’s depth and broad perspective. Co-authored by veteran pipeline executive Tom Miesner and William Leffler, a leading petroleum nontechnical writer, the text is designed for those who need working knowledge of the essential aspects of pipelining, but don’t have time to deal with every underlying technical detail. It is replete with pictures, charts and diagrams covering everything from inception to operation.

Key features and benefits:

  • A comprehensive look at all aspects of pipelining

  • Oil, gas, LPG and chemical pipelines

  • Planning, financing, construction, and maintenance

  • Controls, SCADA, and leak detection

  • Technical and nontechnical aspects of operations


  1. How Pipelines Differ
  2. The First Leg
  3. How Pipelines Work
  4. Oil Pipeline Operations
  5. Natural Gas Pipeline Operations
  6. Petrochemical and LPG Pipeline Operations
  7. Offshore Pipelines
  8. SCADA, Controls, and Leak Detection
  9. Maintenance
  10. Investment Decisions
  11. Major Components and How They Work
  12. Engineering and Design
  13. Construction
  14. Satisfying Stakeholders


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Tom Miesner and William Leffler


and leak detection. Maintenance. Investment decisions. Major components and how they work. Engineering and design. Construction. Satisfying stakeholders. Abbreviations and acronyms., Contents: How pipelines differ. The first leg. How pipelines work.Oil pipeline operations. Natural gas pipeline operations. Petrochemical and LPG pipeline operations. Offshore pipelines. SCADA, controls


356 pages, 6"x9" hardcover, diagrams and tables., drawings, photos

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a retired executive from Royal Dutch/Shell, and a BS at MIT. He has authored multiple PennWell titles including the bestselling Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language (2000), and corporate planning in the United States, and Deepwater Petroleum Exploration & Production: A Nontechnical Guide (2003)., and in exploration and production in London. He earned his MBA and PHD at New York University, and joint venture management positions. He served on the boards of several pipeline companies, business development, former president of Conoco Pipeline, has spent more than 25 years in the pipeline industry working in engineering, including three years as Chairman of the Board for Explorer Pipeline Company. Active on the API Pipeline General Committee and the Association of Oil Pipelines Executive Committee, operations, petrochemicals, Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language (2001), spent 36 years with that company. During his career he spent time in refining and marketing, Thomas O. Miesner

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