Andrew C. Palmer and Roger A. King

Subsea Pipeline Engineering, Second Edition



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Subsea Pipeline Engineering was the first book of its kind, covering the entire spectrum of subjects in the discipline, from route selection and planning to design, construction, installation, materials and corrosion, inspection, welding, repair, risk assessment, and applicable design codes and standards. Written by two of the world’s most respected authorities in subsea pipeline engineering, this newly updated second edition contains expanded sections on hydraulics, strength, stability, fracture, upheaval, lateral buckling and decommissioning. The book is distilled from the authors’ vast experience in the industry and their popular training course “Subsea Pipeline Engineering.”

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Andrew C. Palmer and Roger A. King


accidents, and concrete, and repair, Carbon-Manganese steels, cathodic protection, coatings, Codes and Standards, Construction, Contents: Introduction, Decommissioning, External corrosion, Flexible and composite pipelines, Future development, Glossary, Increasing corrosion resistance, Inspection, Internal corrosion and its prevention, Pipeline hydraulics, Risk, Route selection, Shore approaches, Spans, Stability, Strength, Units., Upheaval and lateral buckling, Welding



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2008. 624 pages, hardcover.

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a company of consulting engineers who specialize in marine pipelines. In 1996, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and current chairman of the DNV Pipelines Committee. He has been engaged in marine pipeline engineering for 39 years and has taken a leading part in many pipeline projects in the North Sea, Canada and the Far East. Professor Palmer is the author of three books and more than 180 published papers on pipeline engineering, structures, structures and geotechnics. Dr. Roger King has more than 30 years' experience of corrosion in the oil and gas, the Middle East

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