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Pipeline Risk Forum

The International Pipeline Risk Management Forum is the first of its kind to address this important, timely, and sometimes controversial subject specifically for the pipeline industry. Read more...



The Digital Pipeline Solutions Forum (DPSF) is the first colloquium of its kind to address how the 4th Industrial Revolution – a new era that builds and extends the impact of digitization in new and unanticipated ways – will indelibly change the pipeline sector in terms of its daily operations and management. Read more...




This two-day technical conference will cover all aspects of gas system odorization, from the basics to new technologies, system monitoring and measurement, formulations, case studies, practical application, troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and legal/liability aspects. Read more...

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Navigating PHMSA'S Mega Rule on Evaluating Cracks and Long Seam Weld Anomalies in Pipelines

The course will present key material properties and engineering fracture mechanics principles that govern static and fatigue evaluations of planar flaws in pipelines and how to relate these principles to the new PHMSA requirements.

    Online: October 13-14, 2021     Read more | Register



Defect Assessment in Pipelines

Explains current defect-assessment methods and how to translate into maintenance decisions.

    Online: October 19-20, 2021     Read more | Register



Machine Learning for Pipeline Integrity & Risk

Led by Mike Gloven and Justin Raimondi, this course will present the basics of machine learning and how the process is used to support integrity and risk management.

    Online: November 2-3 2021     Read more | Register


Advanced Pipeline Risk Management

Workshop is designed to equip attendees with the information and the know-how to set up and implement a comprehensive risk management program for pipelines.

    Houston: November 15-16, 2021     Read more | Register


Practical Application of Machine Learning to Pipeline Integrity

As an interactive hands-on course, participants will be presented the technical basis of machine learning fundamentals and will use their own data with open source software to experience its practical application.

    Houston: November 15-16, 2021     Read more | Register


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Managing Pipeline Threats

Managing Pipeline Threats

An introduction to managing threats to pipeline safety and operations, this new book examines all the types of threats – from illegal tapping to corrosion, cracking, accidental third-party damage, geotechnical hazards and defective construction - and explains the methods and practices used to prevent or mitigate them. Read more...


By God, if I Were in Charge…a book about experiences in the pipeline industry

By God, if I Were in Charge…
a book about experiences in the pipeline industry

This book is a book by and about people who have a great passion for the industry and who have spent most, if not all, of their professional lives making it better, safer, and more sustainable. Read more...

Fracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications, Fourth Edition

Fracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications, Fourth Edition

This new, updated edition of the longtime bestselling book on fracture mechanics reflects the latest research, industry practices, applications, and computational analysis and modeling. Read more...

Pipeline Integrity Management Systems: A Practical Approach

Pipeline Integrity Management Systems: A Practical Approach

The contents of this book follow the PIMS process having each applicable chapter use a PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT (PDCA) process, multiple examples from authors’ experiences, and several graphs and tables. Read more...

Field Guide to Internal Corrosion Mitigation and Monitoring for Pipelines


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Praise for our courses

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Advanced Pipeline Risk Management

"The course was very informative in that it provided a wide variety of perspectives on Risk analysis and a comparison of the pros and cons of each."
J. Roberts

"The course was enjoyable and very thorough. I was initially concerned that there would be little applicability of the information for me (offshore focus) but I was quite wrong."
J. E.Hults, E.I.T.
Senior Specialist
Risk & Integrity Management

API 1173: Pipeline Safety Management Systems

"The course content, facilitator and venue all exceeded my expectations.”
Chris Martinez

Defect Assessment in Pipelines

“Great Course! Teacher Phil Hopkins very patient and knowledgeable-explained difficult concepts very well.”

“appreciated the instructor's ability to answer technical, metallurgical's critical that the person teaching the course is able to do this, to expand on the concepts discussed beyond the information presented in the slides. Phil did a great job of this.”

“Surpassed my best expectations”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the presentation. Hats off to Prof. Hopkins”
A. Ellison
Pipeline Integrity Coordinator
Centurion Pipeline L.P.

“Excellent class, good blend of teaching and student participation”
M. Odigie
Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited

“Can't wait to take another class from Dr. Phil Hopkins.”
Cameron Nuss, System Engineer, Suncor Energy

“I've taken previous classes from Dr. Hopkins and fully enjoyed his presentations. I specifically look for classes from him.
Cameron Nuss, System Engineer, Suncor Energy

“Very knowledgeable lecturer. Excellent delivery of the material.
Tijani Elabor, National Energy Board

I enjoyed this training course a lot. I think that Dr. Phil Hopkins is a great teacher and delivered a great course.
Felipe Radilla, TransCanada

This is an excellent course which provides detailed information for assessment of a variety of defects. The instructor is very knowledgeable with great experience.
Zhenjin Zhu, Husky Energy

Phil is a very engaging speaker and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and appreciate his approach to teaching with all the background info he provides.
Niteesha Falcon, Pipeline Integrity Engineer, TransCanada

Excavation Inspection & Applied NDE for ILI/DA Validation and Correlation

"The course was an excellent overview of the tasks of a pipeline integrity engineer, reinforcing the confidence and intellect behind daily project decisions. It also provided a forum for recent developments in the industry, as well as share thoughts with others."

Fracture Mechanics for Pipeline Engineers

“All material was well distributed … covered a great amount of material in a short time.”
Daniel Gutierrez, IMP Technical Leader, Dow Chemical

“Very well arranged and well presented.”
Thomas Windt-Jensen, Maersk Oil

“Very enlightening! The presentation contained very detailed information. The software is great … Good balance.”
Steven Axtell, Senior Metallurgist, Northern Natural Gas

“The course was great with a good explanation of fracture mechanics basics and the right level of content without diving into too much math. I really liked and appreciated the on-line option for attending the course. I was able to hear/see everything remotely with no issues. I especially liked how the instructor explained the basics of fracture mechanics. I had an idea but now I am much more comfortable with the math and procedure.”
Jason Wong, Chevron Products Company

Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines

“Hands on. Real-world examples. Interactive. This course improved my understanding of the elements involved in the hydrostatic testing of pipelines.”
Ehren Koelsch

“Great presentation on several aspects of hydrotestin. Covered real-life examples. Great explanations on the physics behind fluids.”
Vera Idemudia, Integrity Engineer, DowDupont

“Hugely informative and eye-opening for me. I believe that I can much more effectively manage a project like this and will be able to ask the right questions of contractors and consultants in order to maximize the quality of any tests we choose to conduct.”
Brendan Eirich, ATCO Gas Transmission

“Having attended a number of pipeline training courses, this is among the best. The course was extremely well put together and very well presented.”
Justin Pabst, Staff Engineer, WBI Energy Transmission

“Great course. Will recommend more of our project managers attend.”
Jeff Wuenschel, Project Manager/Estimator, BlueFin Services

Inspection of Challenging Pipelines

“Very competent lecturers, good overview of possibilities for challenging inspections.”
Ole N. Mortensen, Business Manager, FORCE Technology

“Great course, packed full of good material. Very knowledgeable presenters.”
Greg Knopinski, Enbridge Gas Distribution

“Very good class on all inspection techniques, not just challenging-to-inspect lines.”
Chuck Bartunek, Andeavor Logisitcs

“The speakers had great knowledge and experience.”
Daniel Fortin, ATCO Gas Transmission

Introduction to Excavation Inspection & Applied NDE for Pipeline Integrity Assessment

“The course was an excellent overview of the tasks of a pipeline integrity engineer, reinforcing the confidence and intellect behind daily project decisions. It also provided a forum for recent developments in the industry, as well as share thoughts with others.”

Great topics and use of case studies and actual hands on NDE equipment... . Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain things. The hands on was great.
Brian Bruce

“Thanks to Jim and Rick for their professional teaching skills and for sharing all this knowledge. The class material was robust and explained very well.”
Elena Nikonova, Integrity Engineer, Southern Company Gas

“Exceptionally informative!
Jeremi Frazier, NDT Global

“A very comprehensive short course that gives a good overall picture of the process.”
Bruce Sirotiak, Acuren Inspection

“Great class and presenters...very knowledgeable and a lot of valuable experience.”
Richard Burns, Buckeye Partners

Managing Cracks, Dents & Seam Weld Anomalies in Pipelines

“Very good course and well taught; numerous takeaways to review and use to be a better operator.”
Erick Hallett

“Really informative and well organized. The presentation was high quality.”
Cassandra Stacey

Course content was very informative and well presented.
Ross Adamson, Pipe Integrity Engineer, TransCanada

“The course was useful in understanding the fundamentals of crack management and assessment.”
Alex Brett, Rosen

Sergio put complex ideas and concepts into easy to learn analogies and examples.
Crystina Fisher, Supervisor, Southwest Gas

Onshore Pipeline Engineering

“One of the best courses I have ever taken”
Nick Montebello, Plains All American Pipeline, LLP

“The instructors were excellent”
Glen Wind, ExxonMobil Development Company

“A great class.”
Douglas Arthur Nystrom, T.D. Williamson

“Very enjoyable … gave me insight into other aspects of the pipeline business.”
Jonathan Hardy, T.D. Williamson

“Regardless of time in the industry … this course is very informative in all areas.”
Kellyn Grunwald, Koch Pipeline

“I learned a lot more than I had already learned in the industry … ”
Christine Goiriz, NV5

Optimizing ILI Inspection Scheduling

"Great presentation format. It contained information directly related to my job and allowed me to think of ways to enhance myperformance."
M. Magrane
Sempra Utilities

Pigging & In-line Inspection

“All instructors have a high level of knowledge and teach with confidence.”
Randall Heath

“Time well spent!! Very comprehensive and detailed. Do not change a thing!”
J. Ryman

“I came with very high expectations and was not disappointed. I have been presenting adult education for 10yrs. Very professional from introduction to closing ”
D. Hennerbichler

“Good speakers who know their stuff”
I. King

“Great overview of ILI tools and ILI program considerations.”
Rob Sterling, Senior Pipeline Engineer, Union Gas Limited

Pipeline Integrity Management

Pleasant, interactive, sincere and extremely knowledgeable are all qualities that help make an instructor good. Dr. Murray was great.
Travis Hallam

"The instructor was excellent. I like that he pushed us hard to maximize value.
Olin Valby

Excellent course! So much of the material applies to what I do at work. Alan is good speaker, funny and very knowledgeable.
Travers Schwarz

Great job! Very knowledgeable speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Joe Teneyuque, Enginering Tech., Golden Pass LNG

Excellent instructor and class. I enjoyed it immensely.
David Vasnaik, SMUD

Excellent! The instructor kept things interesting throughout.
Jeff Hieber, Vice President, Business Development, Percheron, LLC

Pipeline Repair Methods / In-Service Welding

Pipeline Repair Methods, Hot Tapping, and In-Service Welding

“Bill Bruce is an obvious expert on in-service welding. Confident delivery of presentation. I enjoyed learning from him.”
D. M. Halferty
Plains All American
Pipeline Integrity Specialist

“Great Course! Bill Bruce did an excellent job. I look forward to future courses”
P. Kenny
Welding Opeartions Lead
National Grid

“Found the information on Procedure Development & Qualification very useful for practical application”
C. Hartig
Sr. Specialty Engineer
Xcel High Pressure Gas

Pipeline Risk Management

"One of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Thank you, Kent, for your wonderful presentation, answering on all of our questions and lucid style of education.”
Elena Nikonova

Risk-based Management of Pipeline Integrity and Safety

"The course was very informative in that it provided a wide variety of perspectives on Risk analysis and a comparison of the pros and cons of each."
J. Roberts

"The course was enjoyable and very thorough. I was initially concerned that there would be little applicability of the information for me (offshore focus) but I was quite wrong."
J. E.Hults, E.I.T.
Senior Specialist
Risk & Integrity Management

Safety and Engineering Assessment of Onshore Pipeline Gathering Systems

"Excellent course; very helpful summary of the RP, especially the sections on history and how to comply."
Jake Murray

"The instructor was excellent with relative experiences and stories."
Gary Peterson

“Bryan Melan knows his stuff. Lots of good updates and lots of good comprehensive info.”"
Dave Agerton

Stress Corrosion Cracking in Pipelines

"I was very impressed with the depth and quality of the information presented. The presentation was top notch. "
B.C. Mittelstadt
Senior Engineer
El Paso Pipeline Services

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Was very applicable to my line of work! I felt the course was well balanced between theory and experience. It also left a lot of room for my own conclusions, thoughts, and approaches."
R. Lee
Pipeline Integrity EIT
TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

"The course was very informative. It was a great learning experience and look forward to future courses with Clarion."

Subsea Pipeline Engineering

"Excellent course which delivers technical backgrounds required for pipeline project management as advertised."
G. Wiechers
Acergy Group

"This was an excellent overview course with a good blend of technical and practical knowledge."

Subsea Production Systems Engineering

"Enjoyed the course. I think the site visit especially was quite interesting and think the worked example was a good idea to get us thinking about the principles and concepts discussed."
S. Halbot
Project Specialist

"Really fit my initial needs. Very knowledgeable course lectures that have real world experience."
J. N. Lauterbach
Technical QA/QC Manager
NDE Quality Systems, Inc.

"Very Interesting and enjoyable course. "
D. Davies
Technical Director
NDE Technical Services GmbH

"Excellent course, learned a lot in a short time. Strongly recommend to subsea or aspiring subsea engineers."
T. Kissoonsingh


Courses with the symbol have been evaluated by the QPPI and their contents are aligned to their competency standards set out in the Competency Standards Manual for Pipeline Integrity Management. More information is available on the QPPI website:


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