An introduction to pipeline pigging

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The Pigging Products & Services Association was formed in 1990 with the following stated aims:

To promote the knowledge and practice of pipeline pigging, and to ensure that the Members are aware of
the needs of the markets for the related products and services, by providing a channel of communication
between the Members themselves and the users and other interested parties.

In pursuit of these aims, PPSA has since replied to literally thousands of requests for information, and now distributes its annual Buyers Guide and Directory of Members to over 5000 named individuals throughout the pipeline industry, world-wide.

One of the most common requests has been for information concerning pigging generally. This enables even those pipeline operators who already use pigs or pigging services to get a better idea of how they might use them more effectively, or how they might be able to use them for different purposes. It is hoped that this book,  An Introduction to Pipeline Pigging, will meet this need.

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