Edited by R. Baboian

NACE Corrosion Engineer’s Reference Book, 4th Edition – NEW!



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The objective of the NACE Corrosion Engineer?s Reference Book is to provide scientists, engineers, technologists, and students with useful and important information and data on corrosion investigation and control. The book is designed to be carried with the user so that the contents are readily available.

This handbook contains more than 325 tables, graphs, and charts. Sections on Conversion Tables and Physical and Chemical Data have been expanded to include all information pertinent to corrosion research and engineering. Sections on Corrosion Testing, Atmospheric Corrosion, Seawater, Cathodic Protection, and Protective Coatings have been expanded. The Standards section now includes contact information for standards organizations throughout the world, with a complete list of acronyms used by these organizations.

568 pages, drawings, photos, diagrams and tables, 5″x8″ hardcover

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Edited by R. Baboian




5"x8" hardcover, 568 pages, diagrams and tables, drawings, photos

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