J. Szabo, M. Mohitpour, T. Van Hardeveld

Pipeline Operation and Maintenance, Second Edition



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This fully updated and revised Second Edition provides comprehensive details on all matters related to operation and maintenance of gas and liquid pipeline systems.

It is designed to impart know-how to operation and maintenance personnel while providing in-depth coverage of the subjects that pipeline workers and pipeline engineers often face in the assessment of operation and maintenance tasks and corrective techniques. From commissioning to the operation and maintenance of pipeline systems, the book covers pipelines and facilities including metering, pumping, and compression as well as reliability assessments.

The second edition provides an updated technique on liquid-batched- products pipelining operation and maintenance, as well comprehensive techniques for welding and repairs.

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J. Szabo, M. Mohitpour, T. Van Hardeveld


7"x10" hardcover, 700 pages, diagrams and tables, drawings, photos

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October 2010

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